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>> 14 years of experience in mentoring PhD aspirants
>> Experienced in handling over 3,500 PhD scholars
>> Domain specialists with experience of handling over 500 PhDs
>> Experienced technical writers with thorough domain knowledge and language experts with sophisticated language skills
>> Experienced research programmers for implementation using universally standard research tools

Why Shantek

Shantek is a research enterprise company which sets stage for Researchers, Academician and PHD aspirants for completing their research work on time.

As per the latest survey, India ranks 119 th in terms of research paper submissions among the total contribution. The number of R&D scientists and engineers per million of Indian population is 1/5th of South Korea and 1/30th of USA and Japan. Being the second largest populated country in the world, our country claims only 1.5% of the global output in R & D.

India is backed with adequate scientific research scholars, their intellect and dedication are on par with international scientists, but there is a lack of systematic institutions which would assist, polish and mentor the aspirant’s research skills. The main objective of Shantek is to bridge this gap and create a hub which would nurture and create a pathway for scientific research in India through sophisticated research guidance and knowledge sharing.

Our Expertise

Drafting Research Proposal

Even though a research project is good, it may experience the risk of rejection due to poor writing of the research proposal. A research proposal presents clear outline of your proposed methodology and the work-plan to complete it. Generally, it should contain all the necessary components involved in the research and should highlight its originality and contribution.

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Implementation using standard research tools

The main purpose of research tools are to implement the solutions proposed by the researchers and test the hypothesis presented by them on behalf of their research work. Research tools help the researchers to implement the concepts, obtain clear outcome of their research, compare with existing approaches, make extensive analysis and visualize the results.

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Writing Research Paper

A well-written research paper allows more people to read your work selectively. The main components of a research paper includes title of the paper, abstract, keywords, Introduction, review of related literature, design of proposed methodology, mathematical modelling, Flow chart/Architectural Diagrams, Experimental setup, Results & discussion and conclusion.

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Proof Reading and Review of Research Reports

Any research paper or thesis needs proof reading in order to make the reports flawless with high quality. It includes language correction, language polishing, feasibility checking, formatting etc. Language polishing involves checking suitability of vocabulary used, thus making the content impressive. Feasibility checking involves checking the technical feasibility relevant to the field as well as implementation feasibility.

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Thesis Writing

The challenges involved in submission of PhD thesis are writing high quality research document, proofreading and plagiarism correction. Moreover, all these complex activities must be completed within stipulated time. Shantek team consists of experienced technical writers with thorough domain knowledge and language experts with sophisticated language skills.

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Publishing Services

Publishing the articles in leading scientific journals or conferences successfully is the ultimate goal of every research work. Identifying the journals suitable to the field of research and meeting the publishing requirements are the main challenges of every research scholar.

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