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Our Expertise

Drafting Research Proposal

Even though a research project is good, it may experience the risk of rejection due to poor writing of the research proposal. A research proposal presents clear outline of your proposed methodology and the work-plan to complete it. Generally, it should contain all the necessary components involved in the research and should highlight its originality and contribution. It should also present a detailed study of existing literature relevant to the field along with their major issues. Motivation and scope of the research, selection of suitable research tools, defining the concrete research problem are the other major features of a research proposal. Shantek team consists of technical readers for performing literature survey and research analysts for creating novel solutions.

Implementation using standard research tools

The main purpose of research tools are to implement the solutions proposed by the researchers and test the hypothesis presented by them on behalf of their research work. Research tools help the researchers to implement the concepts, obtain clear outcome of their research, compare with existing approaches, make extensive analysis and visualize the results. The process of implementation using research tools include coding, integrating different modules, debugging, testing and finally obtaining the required results. Shantek team consists of experienced research programmers for implementation using universally standard research tools.

Writing Research Paper

It has been observed that majority of papers which are rejected in journals or conference proceedings neither follow the basic structure of a paper nor in an organized manner. A well-written research paper allows more people to read your work selectively. The main components of a research paper includes title of the paper, abstract, keywords, Introduction, review of related literature, design of proposed methodology, mathematical modelling, Flow chart/Architectural Diagrams, Experimental setup, Results & discussion and conclusion. Shantek team consists of experienced technical writers, mathematicians and language experts for producing research papers of international standards meeting the requirements of high quality journals.

Proof Reading and Review of Research Reports

Any research paper or thesis needs proof reading in order to make the reports flawless with high quality. It includes language correction, language polishing, feasibility checking, formatting etc. Language polishing involves checking suitability of vocabulary used, thus making the content impressive. Feasibility checking involves checking the technical feasibility relevant to the field as well as implementation feasibility. The references used in literature review and the research tools for implementation need to be evaluated. The complete accuracy of experimental results can also be validated. All these kind of services need subject matter experts with extensive academic experience. Shantek team comprises of external reviewers, domain experts and language experts for proof reading and review of research articles.

Publishing Services

Publishing the articles in leading scientific journals or conferences successfully is the ultimate goal of every research work. Identifying the journals suitable to the field of research and meeting the publishing requirements are the main challenges of every research scholar.

Publishing in leading journals includes various levels of processing stages and meeting their expectations of quality of work. Having vast experiences in publishing services Shantek will be able to fulfil the publishing requirements of our clients.

Thesis Writing

The challenges involved in submission of PhD thesis are writing high quality research document, proofreading and plagiarism correction. Moreover, all these complex activities must be completed within stipulated time. Shantek team consists of experienced technical writers with thorough domain knowledge and language experts with sophisticated language skills. They can help you to meet these challenges and complete the thesis submission on time. Apart from thesis preparation, they can provide guidance for clearing your doubts and queries related to the thesis document.